hire a cocktail waiter



When you want to throw a cocktail party at home, hiring a mixologist with experience is essential. Anyone can be a bartender, but not everyone knows how to show people a good time.

hire a cocktail waiter
hire a mixologist at home

You’ll want to look for these traits when you decide to hire a cocktail bartender for your next get-together.

1. The mixologist knows more than the famous cocktails.

Almost anyone can make a vodka cranberry or a rum and Coke. Professionals bartenders should tell you the correct way to serve margaritas and daiquiris. The best mixologists will also know how to serve everything from a mojito to Sazerac.


2. Cleanliness is always a top priority.

People care more about the cleanliness of their glasses than their shape or size. Your mixologist must know how to keep a tidy bar. It isn’t a fun part of the job, but it is essential for an excellent time to be had.

hire a barman London
cocktail bartenders for private parties and events

3. Customer service involves more than a friendly smile.

Your mixologist will need to make people feel welcome at your gathering. This person should be the foundation of a lively environment. They must also recognise when someone has had one too many cocktails so that you know whose keys need to disappear.


4. The mixologist must have an excellent memory.

It takes a special skill to remember a complex order at the bar, and the best mixologists can multitask this need while still chatting up your guests. Being authentic in this highly stressful situation is one of the world’s most underrated skills.


Knowing how to hire a mixologist with experience for parties at home or the office will help your next event be an incredible experience. Follow these tips to ensure you get the best person for the job.

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